18: Texas Gulf Coast

Changing Lives Every Day

This is Diesel. Like so many other animals, Diesel’s life changed the moment he was brought to the Houston Humane Society. Being covered with fleas, mange, and open sores is no life for a young puppy, but that was the only life Diesel knew until he was rescued from his abusers.

It took time, patience, medical care, and plenty of love and enrichment from staff and volunteers who never gave up. The once neglected puppy now has a great life with a family that loves him.


Polores never thought she would be forced to live in her car and rely on the Food Bank for her meals.

After she lost her home she lived in for 20 years, Polores had nowhere to go. She has family, but none of her relatives live nearby to help her out. Polores currently stays at a local church or in her car while she waits for her Social Security disability benefits to be approved. She’s hoping that small income will help with her living expenses and get her back on her feet.


As unprecedented cold temperatures swept through Texas in early February, green sea turtles, afflicted by a hypothermic reaction called cold-stunning, were found by rescuers throughout the Laguna Madre. Our conservation partners at Padre Island National Seashore collaborated with the Texas State Aquarium and other partners to intake, document, and transport the cold-stunned turtles over at the Aquarium’s Rescue Center.

Zoe's Journey to Therapy Services

When Alma found out she was pregnant with her first child, bloodwork came back positive for a baby with Down syndrome or Spina bifida. For first time parents, this was daunting news.
A few weeks later her doctor confirmed she was having a baby girl with Down Syndrome.
Alma had an average pregnancy and kept receiving routine checkups. However, when Zoe was born she was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect also known as heart holes and was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for five days.