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Ruff Start Rescue

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Description: Information about Ruff Start Rescue and what sets them apart from shelters. Video of interview with Executive Director, Azure Davis, and footage of animals getting off a transport bus and interacting with Ruff Start volunteers and fosters.

Transcript: What makes Ruff Start different is being foster-based, these animals go out of that shelter setting and they go right into a home. That home can then really get to know that animal. They can give that animal love right away. As soon as they come into the rescue, somebody is spending time with them, giving them food. But it's not that concrete kennel feeling of going back into that caged environment. Or it's scary and it can be loud and chaotic. I think just the foster based aspect of Ruff Start is something that really sets us apart from any type of physical shelter. When you're part of Ruff Start Rescue, you aren't just a part of it, you are it. You are this bigger picture, you're doing something with a bigger purpose. Everyone with Ruff Start, it's like a family.