sacred's Chairman discusses why sacred was founded and who we help.

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Sexually Abused Children's Relief Endeavor (sacred)

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Hi. I'm John D'Attoma, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Sexually Abused Children's Relief Endeavor, also known as sacred. Typically, when someone in my position asks you to open up your wallet, they do it while showing you the kids and families your money will help. At SACRED, we can't show you the faces of the kids we help. In fact, we never see their faces. You probably won't ever get to see the difference you will make in these kids' lives. You won't ever get to have a conversation with someone about how the check they received from SACRED helped them keep their home, or keep their parents from filing for bankruptcy. And, that exactly why your donation is so important. By helping us bring child sexual abuse to the forefront, where people aren't embarrassed to talk about it. People aren't afraid to talk about it. We'll help stop child sexual abuse. Please help sexually abused kids and their families with a donation to sacred.
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Because all kids are sacred