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♫Solo piano music playing♫
[Woman holding InVisible Signs sign] [Man holding InVisible Signs sign] [Woman in scrubs holding InVisible Signs sign] [Erica Tirado sitting on bench]
Founder, Erica Tirado speaking: “Hi, I’m Erica Tirado, the founder of InVisible Signs, Inc. Please join me while we fight [shot of flower] this terrible, invisible disease called Alzheimer’s [woman holding invisible signs sign]. [Erica Tirado sitting on bench] This is for my mother, Evelyn Rodriguez, my grandmother, Carmen Torres, and for the many others who have suffered this terrible disease. [Couple holding Invisible Signs sign] It takes more than me. I need you [shot of fountain] to please join me as we fight [Erica Tirado sitting on bench] and pick up the pieces one memory at a time. Alzheimer’s won’t win. We won’t let it win, because I will not let it.”