Cause of the Week: Food & Nutrition

Subcauses: Nutrition Programs, Agriculture, Food Supply Chain, Food Banks 

“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.” - Buzz Aldrin 

Most of us spend at least a part of our day looking forward to our next delicious meal. Having adequate food is one of life’s most basic necessities, but it is not a given for everyone. In 2019, 13.7 million U.S. households were considered food-insecure, with 5.3 million children unsure of where their next meal was coming from. These people and children in need are our neighbors, our children’s classmates, our co-workers. Globally, prior to 2020, 688 million people were classified as chronically undernourished. The challenging events of the past year exacerbated this problem, and today there are roughly 957 million people across 93 countries who do not have enough to eat. 

Having enough food is about more than feeling full and satisfied after a meal. Adequate nutrition plays a huge role in overall health. Children’s academic performance improves when they consistently have enough to eat. Right now, 1 in 7 babies are born with a low birth weight in developing countries, largely due to poor nutrition during pregnancy. Even in the U.S. 3.7 million babies were born with low birth weights in 2019. Low birth weights may lead to higher rates of illness, learning disorders, respiratory tract infections, and behavioral problems. Having enough to eat, but not eating nutritious foods can be just as dangerous. In the U.S., 19% of young people aged 2 to 19 years and 40% of adults have obesity, which can put them at risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.  

Fortunately, many of these illnesses are preventable, thanks to CFC charities who have clear goals and methods for reaching rural and struggling families to increase food security and boost all-around livelihoods. 

The CFC makes it easy for all of us to change the world. Your donation to food and nutrition cause areas helps CFC charities support local food programs in our communities here and around the globe. Ensuring everyone has enough to eat improves overall health, well-being, and academic and vocational success. Join the CFC community today and become a changemaker.