Co-partners of Campesinas: What We DO

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Co-partners of Campesinas

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Two volunteers explain the motto of Co-partners and show how it is implemented with photos of activities.

My name is Archer Heinzen. I am one of the cofounders of Co-Partners of Campesinas that works in El Salvador and Guatemala.
Hola! Mi nombre es Jeannette Aleman y tambien soy una de las voluntarias con Co-Partners.
We use a motto "Learn, Earn, and Lead".
Learn: en Guatemala proveemos becas de utiles escolares para que los estudiantes continuen sus estudios. En El Salvador proveemos becas de transportacion.
Earn: we give vocational classes in areas such as dress making and tailoring and cosmetology.
Lead: liderazgo, estudiantes participan en un ejercicio de juego de roles.
Your donation to us will go directly to support our programs in El Salvador and Guatemala because we are an all-volunteer organization.