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We can imagine a world where having a mental illness does not have to mean loneliness, isolation and poverty. Can you?
Every community needs a strong vibrant Clubhouse where people living with mental illness can find fellowship, hope, opportunity and recovery.

The work of Clubhouse International is to make this possible.

So, what is a Clubhouse?
A local community-based solution to a global problem.
A voluntary program that provides opportunities for work, education, wellness and socialization.
An evidence-based approach that has been proven to help people with mental illness recover their lives.

Who are we?
We are the largest and most effective network of psychosocial rehabilitation service providers in the world.

We are a membership organization representing more than:
300 locally managed Clubhouses.
Over 30 states
More than 30 countries on six continents

What do we do?
We support individuals living with mental illness by expanding, strengthening and advocating for Clubhouse communities through our New Clubhouse Development, Training, Quality Assurance/Accreditation and Advocacy programs.
Today, almost 100,000 people living with mental illness worldwide have access to a Clubhouse.
Clubhouses change lives!