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[Billy walking out of house on crutches]
[Billy seated and speaking] “Working with BethanyKids the last 7 years I would really say has been an eye opener. Simply because I have seen us help so many children [clinician placing pulse oximeter on infant foot] and it’s been a blessing, [Billy smiling/laughing] because I get to see or I get to get sort [Billy seated and speaking] of a snapshot of what my own parents went through when they were taking care of me [Billy looking at hall of old photos] [Billy seated and speaking] I want everyone who will be watching this, to know that whenever they put across their [Billy elbow bumping staff member] resources to make sure Bethany Kids does what it does, I can guarantee you that I’m part of an investment that was made a few years back [Billy seated and speaking]. And now fast forward I am an investment that is giving back because of whatever effort that was put back then. Thank you."