WildCare Oklahoma Oklahoma's Own Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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WildCare Foundation

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Video opens with video of injured great horned owl during exam, moves to baby squirrels snuggling in their hammock, young raccoons in an outside enclosure, and a barred owl receiving eye exam. Words displayed: Oklahoma’s Own Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Since 1984.
Videos of screech owl, shifts to beaver eating in pond, and a young bat receiving an exam, Words displayed: Since 1984, over 100,000 wild animals have passed through our doors.
Videos of adult opossum in care, shifting to skunks in outside enclosure. Words displayed: WildCare has helped 240 different animal species.
Video of red fox, moving to black vulture, screech owl, and staff member placing tray of food in outside enclosure. Words displayed: Our mission is to provide people a place to bring native wildlife struggling to survive
Videos of screech owl getting eye exam, beaver playing with stick in a pond, and ducks swimming in a pond. Words displayed: with the goal of releasing healthy individuals back to nature.
Videos of coyotes running in an outside enclosure, ornate box turtle near food bowl, and snake being held for exam. Words displayed: WildCare has 250-850 patients in care at any given time.
Videos of a red-shouldered hawk, bobcat in an outside enclosure, and a squirrel peeking through cage. Words displayed: and is open to admit new patients 365 days a year.
Videos of raccoon looking through cage, opossum in care, barn owl in care, great egret with leg wrap, and infant raccoon in care. Words displayed: WildCare is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and operates entirely on donations.
Videos of cottontail rabbits snuggled together, river otter swimming in pond, and a screech owl being held for exam. Words displayed: Individual contributions from generous donors provide the financial resources that give these animals a second chance at life.
Video of hawk practicing flight in outside enclosure. Words displayed: Be a Wildlife Hero. Donate to
End screen: WildCare Foundation logo, CFC #57195, 405-872-9338, [email protected]
Fade screen.