What's next is up to all of us

Charity Name
Mercy Corps

CFC Zone

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[soft music plays]
A female narrator speaks against graphics and footage of Mercy Corps programs:
In a year that's felt like an eternity,
Graphic of a healthcare worker
when it seems like every day brings a new crisis,
Graphic of a raised fist, graphic of trees burning
we're all left wondering –
what next?
On screen text: What next?
If we're going to solve these challenges,
Graphics turn into video footage of men washing their hands
we need to come together to share knowledge, deliver vital resources
Footage of men working in a flood, women working on laptops, people handing out aid
and unlock new opportunities.
Footage of someone testing a science experiment
We need to speak up, stand up and show up, because no matter what
Footage of a woman speaking to a crowd with a microphone
we're facing right now,
Footage of a woman looking into the camera
what's next is up to all of us.
White screen with on screen text: What’s next is up to all of us. Mercy Corps red logo at the bottom of the screen.