Veteran Tiffany and Service Dog Sage, a Healing Journey

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2021 Transcript for Paws Assisting Veterans CFC Video: “Veteran Tiffany and Service Dog Sage, a Healing Journey”

PTSD has robbed me of my authenticity and my ability to thrive.
(Tiffany on camera – with Graphic “Tiffany, 10 Years, Army Medic)
(Picture of Tiffany in army uniform)

I was getting maybe three hours of sleep at night.
(Picture of Tiffany’s feet on army vehicle)

I was isolating because I was afraid of what was outside.
(Picture of Tiffany in army uniform without a hat)

The idea that I liked about getting a service dog was having a battle buddy; somebody I could 110% trust.
(Sage alerting Tiffany by pressing nose against her leg)
(Over Tiffany’s shoulder looking into Sage’s attentive eyes)
(Sage carrying a bag in his mouth as Tiffany and Sage exit the house together)
(Close up of Sage’s happy face sticking out of car window)
(Tiffany and Sage on a walk toward camera)

PAVE does a lot of one-on-one attention with you and the dog.
(Picture of Tiffany and Sage training in a Footlocker store; Graphic “One-on-One Training”)
(Sage picking up medicine bag off floor)
(Sage tugging front door open)
(Sage closing cupboard door)

But I think the biggest thing he does for me is he’s here and he alerts me when I have any type of PTSD reaction.
(close up of Tiffany’s face as she looks down toward her dog, Sage)
(Tiffany sitting on front steps of a house with Sage right next to her)

Since sage came into my life, I’m taking three less medications.
(Tiffany and Sage walking in neighborhood and turning a corner)

I was getting about three hours of sleep at night. Now, it’s between five and seven.
(Tiffany on camera talking)
(Picture of Tiffany in army uniform without a hat)
(Sage lying on Tiffany’s lap falling asleep)

Paws Assisting Veterans is so important. I would tell other veterans who struggle with PTSD, don’t quit. Don’t give up.
(profile shot of Tiffany and Sage walking in front of house)
(Picture of Sage with PAVE vest; camera zooms toward logo on Sage’s torso)
(Tiffany on camera talking)
END GRAPHIC PLATE with PAVE LOGO; website:; CFC # 76362; Thank You For Your Support!