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Topeka Rescue Mission

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Opening scene of Kansas Capital "Our Community"
Picture of homeless man laying on ground "Is in need"
"We're here to help"
Drone footage of TRM Main Shelter
Drone footage of TRM Hope Center
Video of men's dorm room "Serving the Homeless"
Video of a family room at Hope Center "Serving the Homeless"
Video of guest reading the bible
Video of guest working on computer
Moving photo of a homeless camps
Moving photo of TRM staff helping man walk
Moving photo of Mobile Access Partnership Shower Trailer
Video of volunteers serving food "Feeding the hungry"
Video of food being served on a tray
Video of volunteers making food bags
Video of a volunteer loading food bag in car
Video of loading pallets of food on a trailer
Video of a neighborhood
Video of a volunteer delivering a food box to a couple in need
TRM Mission Statement "Ministering to those in need by bringing Help & Hope through serving the homeless and feeding the hungry."
"TRM Ministries- Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries-"