19: South Central Texas

All Cats Deserve To Live

A Kitty’s Purrsuit of Happiness (KPOH) was founded on the belief that all cats deserve to live including the disabled, ill, abandoned, abused, stray and feral. This small but mighty Rescue adds a "w" to the ending of the word "NO" and gets things done! The founder and her husband (an Army Veteran of 21 years & professional pilot) physically rescue from the streets/dangerous situations and network to help all animals.

Sam's Story

Sam's parents' rigorous work schedule got even more demanding during the pandemic. They had no access to childcare, so they relied on their seemingly trustworthy older neighbor to watch over Sam.

One month into the summer break, the neighbor got bolder with his access to Sam and started mercilessly abusing him behind closed doors. Same was too scared to tell his parents as the man had groomed him into believing the sexual abuse was Sam's fault.

Students at Rise Inspire Academy: San Antonio's First and Only Recovery High School

Rise Inspire Academy is San Antonio’s first and only recovery high school. The most common reason students relapse to substance use is because they re-enter the same environment that initially contributed to their disorder. A recovery high school directly addresses these challenges by bringing the common goals of sobriety and high school graduation to one place.


For Javier Sandoval's entire adult life, he knew himself as a man of duty, patriotism, and service.

“I joined the marine corps in 1984,” said Javier. After being stationed at Camp Pendleton for a long time, he was deployed to Somalia, where he was a Marine Corps gunner and served in convoy operations.

What Javier saw overseas would change his life forever.

“We got ambushed probably three times,” says Javier. “[The enemy] used children to do their fighting,” he said. “That took a toll on me.”