Youth Development

Oh What A Feeling

In August, Y.I.C. incorporated a hiking outing at the St. Louis Forest Park waterfall cascades prior to visiting the Saint Louis Science Center.  The youth proved to be thrilled about the combination of water and hiking.  One of our most reserved youth participants became the most exuberant at the top of the cascades that he compelled to show how he felt.

Your contributions have been a lifeline for COV and we thank you.

A young woman, Che, sits at her study desk as her father, a single parent, lovingly brushes her long, ebony hair. He expertly ties it into a ponytail, so it doesn’t fall across her eyes as she studies. Despite her disabilities related to dwarfism, Che studies a lot!
For 12 years of public school, she thrived on achieving high results on her assignments. Her hard work recently paid off with her acceptance to Da Nang University of Economics. Che’s father smiled through tears when they received the news of her entrance exam scores.

It's the Big Things in Life!

A Thousand Summers works with some truly amazing young people because of donors like you. Isabella, known to her friends as Izzy, is definitely one of them. This remarkable young woman from WaKeeney, Kansas, is already on her way to proving that there are no limits to what she can achieve. We hope you enjoy her inspirational story.