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My Left Foot

“How are you today?”

“Doc,” the neighbor says, wincing in pain, “my foot hurt so much. I can hardly stand up. My left foot has serious pain!”

“Well, let’s take a look and see,” I say.

As we unlace the old, mostly holey sneakers and peel away the equally holey and soiled socks, I am repelled by the stench, not the normal odor you might encounter from someone whose feet have not been cleaned in a while, but rather the stench from the abscesses and dried blood that have built up over time. Every touch educes a loud wince from our patient.

National Capital Lyme Disease Association - We Help You Fight the BITE!!

On November 3, 1999, desperately ill and debilitated Lyme patients and their supporters gathered on the Bethesda campus of the National Institutes of Health to highlight their plight to the medical community and plead for help. They were sick and unable to function, but doctors and researchers could not tell them why or provide treatment to make them well again.

Because Birth Defects Don't Stop at Birth

Because Birth Defects Don’t Stop at Birth
Recently, a mom contacted Birth Defect Research for Children. Both of her sons had been born with cystic hygroma, a condition that is usually diagnosed soon after birth. Her sons were older now and starting to have some other problems. This mom wanted to know if any of them could be associated with their original diagnosis.
In just a few minutes, we were able to check our National Birth Defect Registry database which has comprehensive information on over 6300 cases of children with birth defects and developmental disabilities.