Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

We are not invisible

Being a Veteran can feel different when you’re a woman: Not everyone — still — recognizes the role women play in the military.

When women hang up their uniform, few look at them and immediately think, “Hmm. I bet she’s a Veteran.” They’re moms. Co-workers. Managers. Business owners. Sometimes, they just need to “be.”

The Horsepower and Heroes Retreats at The PEACH Pit allow women Veterans of all branches and service periods to come together to just “be.”

Sam's Story

Sam's parents' rigorous work schedule got even more demanding during the pandemic. They had no access to childcare, so they relied on their seemingly trustworthy older neighbor to watch over Sam.

One month into the summer break, the neighbor got bolder with his access to Sam and started mercilessly abusing him behind closed doors. Same was too scared to tell his parents as the man had groomed him into believing the sexual abuse was Sam's fault.

Getting Back to Better with Mental Health Support

Fear. Desperation. Disbelief. Despair. Duty? In 1991, I had a life-altering experience that would forever shape my thinking about service to country and mental health. May is National Mental Health Month, and I’d like to share a snippet of my life to highlight the importance of mental health services and how they are evolving to better meet the needs of military members, veterans, and their families.