Arts, Culture, and Humanities

Arts for Learning Teaches Creative Movement to Youth with Autism

Arts for Learning Virginia (A4L) has a long history of serving the children and families of Virginia, providing arts-integrated literacy programs that help pre-K to 12th grade students build academic and social-emotional skills. We are the leading provider of quality arts-in-education programming in the state, motivated by a firm belief that the creativity and critical thinking gained by exposure to the arts are essential aspects to a child’s development.


The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) fosters creative communities where veterans and their families thrive through the arts.

ASAP provides free, research-backed visual and performing arts classes that improve veterans’ resilience, self-esteem, and belonging. We’re much more than a classroom — we’re an inclusive, nationwide community.

To step into an ASAP program is to enter into a sacred space. A space for teens to nonagenarians, first-time creators to seasoned artists, military family members to Marines, and everyone in between.

The joy of theatre during a pandemic with drive-through productions

During this challenging time for the arts, Encore Stage & Studio remained steadfast in our mission and quickly adapted our programs to changing circumstances to provide artistic experiences for young people in our community. Encore enabled connections during this time of isolation.

When we couldn’t be on stage, we produced drive-through plays (A Winter Star in December 2020 and Voyager’s Compass in May/June 2021) thanks to the creativity and dedication of our cast, crew, and volunteers.