A Second Chance for Wildlife

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Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

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Classical, uplifting piano music plays. Images of past rehabilitation patients appear throughout the video. Some are pictured in their safe, comfortable enclosures at the rehabilitation center, where they heal and become able to take care of themselves. Others are at their release sites, exploring their new, natural surroundings that are now their homes. On the first slide, a young raccoon is pictured at release site. Second slide text reads "Behind these eyes...". The third slide shows two baby oppossums cuddled together in a blanket. Fourth slide text reads, "...are little souls". On the fifth slide, a juvenile skunk pokes head out from a hollow log within enclosure. Sixth slide pictures a young porcupine patient. Seventh slide text reads "...that deserve a second chance." Eighth slide shows a baby groundhog in a cozy blanket. A young opossum explores a new enclosure on the ninth slide. Tenth slide text reads "Be their second chance. Support Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc." A juvenile fox is pictured looking back at the release site on slide eleven. On the twelfth slide, a newly released, young raccoon sits on a rock to reach for and smell the flowers in the new environment. The image on the thirteenth slide is Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation's logo of a raccoon sitting on a fallen branch and dipping paws into a stream. The text on the final slide reads "Please donate & help wildlife in need. facebook.com/UrbanWildlifeRehabilitation". This video was created using the animoto web program.