Guided Gardening: A Learning CSA

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Alaska Botanical Garden

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Title Slide: the text states, “Alaska Botanical Garden Guided Gardening: A Learning CSA”

Second Slide: the text states, “2020 marks the first summer of Alaska Botanical Garden’s Guided Gardening: A Learning CSA program. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This program allows people to join a weekly subscription of vegetables from a local Garden, while learning how to improve their own gardening skills!”. At the bottom left of the slide is a photo of ABG’s Garden & Facilities Manager, Will Criner. In the photo, Will is harvesting fresh produce from a raised garden bed.

Third Slide: the text states, “ABG's CSA program offers individuals and families the opportunity to learn more about how the food on our tables is grown. In addition to weekly boxes of vegetables, ABG’s horticulture team offered weekly educational videos covering topics such as: pre-season planning, sowing seeds, transplanting, soil fertility, weed identification, building your own compost, processing and preserving the harvest, and berry identification”. At the top right of the slide is a photo of a tomatillo plant with spruce and birch trees in the background.

Fourth Slide: the text states, “Produce harvesting began the week of June 19th and continued through September 3rd. Over the course of 12 weeks, participants received a variety of produce varying from greens & radishes to tomatoes, peppers, & garlic. Each produce share holds enough to supplement a family of 2-4 people”. At the top left of the slide is a photo of four produce share boxes. The boxes are made of clear plastic and filled with buttercrunch lettuce, cilantro, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, onions, summer squash and yellow tomatoes.

Fifth Slide: the text states, “WHY HOST A PROGRAM LIKE THIS? The reason ABG provides this program is because our organization consists of horticulturists who love plants and growing food – the Guided Gardening CSA allows us to share not only the food we grow but also our expertise and enthusiasm.” At the top right is a photo of ABG’s Garden and Facilities Manager, Will Criner. Will is standing behind a raised garden bed and is holding a red beet in his left hand and a gardening tool in his right hand.

Sixth Slide: the text states, “Access to fresh, healthy food is a large concern in Alaska, and we want to do our part to increase our community’s food security by helping you become a successful home gardener.” At the top center of the slide is a close-up photo of a large green cabbage. The cabbage has fresh dew drops along its leaves.

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