GrowFood Carolina Partner Farmer, Joey McQuade

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South Carolina Coastal Conservation League, Inc.

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[Video opens with two logos, for the Coastal Conservation League and GrowFood Carolina. Next scene focuses on farmer partner Joey McQuade, who is speaking to the camera.]

Joey: Hi, I’m Joey with Sylvan Farm. A little bit of background about myself and the farm. I was raised in Mount Pleasant, moved to Los Angeles, where I had a furniture and a pottery store. And while a lot of people in LA were growing marijuana, my wife and I, we grew heirloom tomatoes on the roof of our furniture store. And that’s really where the love for tomatoes and farming began. And through the whole pandemic so far, the only thing that’s been really stable for us and has kept us afloat has been GrowFood and their creativity, and their willingness to support and care for the farmers. And for that, I’m extremely grateful and so is my family. So anyway, thank you very much.

[Video closes on the Conservation League and GrowFood logos, with the text, 'Thank you for your support!', and a website URL,]