Father Elmer on the care he's received at Angela Hospice

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[Father Richard Elmer is pictured sitting in his room at the Angela Hospice Care.]
{Father Elmer}
The place that has given me peace and joy more than I could have expected is right here at Angela Hospice. The care is just unbelievable. And so I can’t, I can’t think but that the Lord put me here because there’s no better place.
I‘m almost not finished pushing the button and somebody’s here to look after me. And I’m amazed at how many, how many staff are on shift at one time in each section. That’s 24/7. So it’s a special place.
I know that if people out there realized just the value of this place and what it does for people getting to heaven, I would, I would encourage them to support Angela Hospice as generously as they can.