Cause of the Week: Environmental Protection

Subcauses: Wildlife Preservation, Animal Welfare, Natural Resources, Energy, Agriculture, Sustainability, Parks and Recreation Areas, Recycling, Conservation (Forest, Ocean, Wetland), Education

“What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on? ― Henry David Thoreau 

 For the 7.8 billion human inhabitants, the Earth is our home. It may seem like a huge planet, but it is interconnected, and we all have to share the same finite resources. We only get one chance to protect the environment we live in. Due to human activity and overuse of natural resources, we are accelerating the change of our climate, putting our only home at risk.  

Rising ocean temperatures melt glaciers and ice shelves, shifting the composition of habitats and affecting the stability of our ocean ecosystems and the communities and economies that depend on them. Changes to our climate affect our oceans and our streams, lead to global production losses, and create food insecurity that could lead to additional burdens on industries, societies, and our biodiversity.  

We already see direct economic costs due to temperature fluctuations, tumultuous weather events that cause more frequent and stronger disasters, and the direct health impacts of rising pollution levels. Experts estimate costs of between $2 to $4 billion a year will be spent by 2030 to combat negative environmental impacts, and that’s not even taking in account agriculture, water, and sanitation impacts.  

The good news is that we can all take steps to repair the damage and reverse the trend before it’s too late. CFC charities support an array of environmental causes pertaining to protecting and cleaning our waters, protecting endangered species, advocating to protect our historic forests, and reducing carbon emissions. We must care for our natural resources, as we and our future generations depend on them. 

The CFC makes it easy for all of us to change the world. Your donation to environmental protection cause areas helps our planet for future generations to enjoy and cherish. Join the CFC community today and become a changemaker.