Time to Learn the Computer Basics

Volunteer Student Pair

LVWA is a GREAT organization that helps so many people in our community. I started as a volunteer, teaching basic math to a class that included 2 homeless people, a man in his 80's who never finished high school, and a woman "let go" from her 35+ year job with only 2 months before retirement. I have tutored a homeless man preparing for a vocational assessment to enter the military; an unwed mother who never finished high school; multiple immigrants who needed help with learning and understanding English; and a young man "homeschooled" by illiterate parents. Despite their differences, all my students have many traits in common: the desire to improve their lives through improved literacy, whether reading, math, computers, etc. LVWA finds a tutor for every person and for every need.

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Literacy Volunteers Winchester Area
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In person Tutor teaching a one-on-one Student computer class.
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