Rescuing spider monkeys

Volunteer with baby spider monkey

The ARCAS Rescue Center receives between 300 and 600 wild animals per year of over 40 different species, the majority of them confiscated from wildlife traffickers operating in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in the northern Peten region of Guatemala. The Reserve forms part of the largest remaining tropical forest area in Mesoamerica, home to the last viable populations of such beautiful and charismatic wild animals as scarlet macaws, crocodiles, peccaries, and jaguars. It is the source of much of the wildlife trafficked throughout Central America.
All the animals that ARCAS receives need constant care and attention when they come to the Rescue Center as the majority are taken from their parents as babies. Parrot chicks must be hand fed for months until they are strong enough to feed themselves and begin to fly. Many of these animals are ill and traumatized because they have been taken from their parents as babies. The capture of baby spider monkeys is especially cruel as the poachers must shoot the mother in the crown of the trees, and if it survives the fall to the ground, they then capture the baby.
In the coastal village of Hawaii on the Pacific coast of Guatemala, ARCAS helps to conserve the olive ridley and leatherback sea turtles that arrive there to nest. Eggs are collected and incubated in the Hawaii Hatchery, and when they hatch, the hatchlings are released into the ocean. ARCAS also receives rescued wildlife and stranded sea turtles and marine fauna.
Both in Peten and in Hawaii, ARCAS depends of the support of donations from friends around the world, and from the hard work of its dedicated volunteers. Volunteers help in feeding the animals, conducting beach patrols in search of nesting sea turtles, and helping with environmental education activities.
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ARCAS Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association
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A volunteer feeding a baby spider monkey at ARCAS's Wildlife Rescue Center in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Peten, Guatemala
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Colum Muccio