The Light in the Heart

Hallie and Lilli

Liliana was a student who was extremely disruptive while at school. She was constantly being removed from class because of disruptive behavior, and outbursts, and often engaged in arguments with her teachers and other figures of authority.

While Liliana's behavior made it difficult for others to successfully connect with her, I felt drawn to her and wanted to help. Something about her behavior seemed to come from a place of pain, trauma, or a cry for attention.

Since connecting with Liliana, she has been working every day to find a balance between not being a victim to bullies while not becoming a bully herself. I believe this year she finally got to a place where she found the perfect balance. A fellow student was posting negative things about her and trying to get a response from her on social media. Though it took time, It was great to see her get to a place where she didn't have to entertain or acknowledge someone attempting to bully her. She said she felt empowered and in control. She thinks that I played a great part in her development and growth, however, I felt that the person she had become already existed in her, I just helped her see it for herself.

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Communites In School of Hampton Roads
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elieve in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” ― Roy T. Bennett
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Hallie Baumgardner, Site Coordinator - Bayside Middle