House With a Heart (HWAH) Buster’s Buddies Foster Program

Bella - Life is GOOD!!!

House With a Heart (HWAH) Buster’s Buddies Foster Program
Our Buster’s Buddies program helps other Rescue Groups by providing a home at HWAH for hospice dogs who need a quiet, safe place to live out the rest of their lives. These pups are not HWAH residents — they still belong to the original Rescue Group.

Bella, a pup who came to HWAH through MASTER Rescue when her owner could no longer afford her medical care, is a recent success story for our Buster’s Buddies Program. Poor Bella was a mess - she was terribly matted and missing hair on her belly and her legs. She was skeletal as a result of being so underweight, and her toenails turned around to pierce her paw pads. We cried often as we took care of her, trying to make her comfortable and to relieve her pain and help her to gain weight. Bella was quiet and so sweet and accepted the medicated baths and small meals we provided several times a day

We thought surely this little dog would be with us as a hospice case for the rest of her life, but sweet Bella had other ideas! Over the next few weeks she gained almost two pounds per week, her hair began to grow back in, her energy level increased, and her bubbly Westie personality began to show itself. Within a few months Bella looked like a healthy happy dog with lots of pep in her step, and MASTER Rescue decided that Bella was well enough to find a loving Forever Home. It didn’t take long for the rescue to find an incredible family in New York who had recently lost their beloved Westie and wanted to rescue another senior. Soon, Bella was on her way to her new home…. We cried as we waved goodbye, but this time they were happy tears.

Thanks to our supporters we can help care for all the hospice pups who come into our Buster’s Buddies program - and sometimes we are even able to help them move on to a loving home!

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House with a Heart Pet Sanctuary
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Bella - feeling happy and healthy!
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Emily Zea