Helping Families Navigate and Prevent Financial Crisis

Support Strong Families

Could you imagine you and your kids being homeless? Right now, 1 in 5 local families are facing this unbelievable reality. Our new mission is to help those families before this happens. Every donation you make, right now, will go towards this one mission: keeping families, like Kendra's, in their homes.

Kendra is a young mother expecting her first child. As an emancipated youth, Kendra does not live with her own parents and, instead, is transitioning out of foster care. Kendra's goals were to (1) secure housing, (2) graduate, and (3) prepare for her baby. Once her plan was established, United Way provided Kendra with wrap around services. Through this support, Kendra successfully graduated from high school, secured housing, and engaged in nurturing parenting lessons. She is eager to learn how to develop a routine for her baby.

Your donation will now go specifically to helping families like Kendra's improve their lives. We need your help. Go to and see our new mission in the Miami Valley.

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United Way of the Greater Dayton Area
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Because everyone deserves a safe home
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United Way of the Greater Dayton Area