CFC Contributions are a Lifeline for Animal Rescue!

Susan's Sweet Lily

CFC contributions from federal employees have been a lifeline for Animal Rescue, Inc. – your support means everything! Because of you, our no-kill Sanctuary for Life is able to provide care to hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs and cats while they await their new forever homes.
You also make it possible for us to help pet owners and pets in times of crisis. Homeless persons, cancer and AIDS patients, elderly and disabled persons on fixed incomes, victims of violence, and people struggling to survive other personal (often health-related) and financial hardships are all aided.
With your help, we have even provided supportive services to homeless persons who had chosen to live on the street or in their cars with their companion animals rather than seek the help they needed and risk losing their pets.
Like Susan, people overwhelmed by unexpected hardships often have no one else to turn to. Without Animal Rescue, Inc.’s help, euthanasia of a beloved pet may be their only option.
As a young mother of two, Susan found herself facing what she thought would have been "the unthinkable" – a cancer diagnosis. Susan had one young daughter and had just given birth to a new baby a few months before. Now, instead of being able to enjoy what should have been one of the happiest times of her life, Susan needed to start cancer treatments right away. And to make matters worse, her husband was stationed overseas.
Susan felt completely overwhelmed. With cancer treatments set to begin and two young children depending on her for care, Susan knew she wouldn't be able to give her cat Lily the care she also needed. Yet, Susan couldn't bear the thought of losing her pet, especially now when life seemed so precious. With no one else to turn to, Susan called Animal Rescue for help.
We assured Susan that we would take care of her pet in our no-kill shelter until her husband's return and she could finish her cancer treatments. Knowing that her pet was there, safely waiting for her, helped Susan get through her crisis – and her family was happily reunited with sweet Lily upon her completion of treatment!

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Animal Rescue Incorporated
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Pets like sweet Lily are cared for in Animal REscue, inc.'s no-kill sanctuary for life while they await happy reunions with their families!
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Animal Rescue, Inc.