Amara's Progress

Amara feeds Ronald donuts

As staff members of Ronald McDonald House, we see miraculous recoveries every day. From kids with cancer finally finishing chemotherapy, to mothers with drug-addicted babies succeeding in their treatment programs and being able to take their child home, we are excited to see families thrive. Some families stay with us long-term, but we are available to support them every step of the way. That’s what we did with Amara. Amara was born completely deaf, and came to us at a young age to receive cochlear implants. To accomplish this, she sees otolaryngologist specialists and attends programming at The Luke Lee Listening, Language, & Learning Lab at Marshall University. When Amara arrived at Ronald McDonald House, she was unable to speak, but she stole our hearts quickly with her love of corndogs. Now, at the age of three, she is learning to talk, and even waves to us with a heartwarming “goodbye fwiendsss” as she leaves the house. Her progress has been remarkable, transforming from nonverbal to a happy, loud child in just a few short years. It has been amazing to witness a child so determined to succeed.

Charity Name
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Huntington, Inc.
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Amara got a special treat today, and wanted to share with her "fwiend" Ronald!
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Jaye Toler