Capital Clubhouse Inc.

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Capital Clubhouse Inc.

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CFC Number

Capital Clubhouse Video Description :

Jon and Jessie, two Capital Clubhouse members, share their testimonies detailing what they like about Clubhouse and how it has impacted their life. Jon tells the audience that he enjoys the social component of Clubhouse and receiving the opportunity to get to know other members. He likes the variety of tasks offered at Clubhouse, such as administrative tasks, social media, or advocacy work. Jon appreciates leaving at the end of the day feeling like he has worked hard and done something to help keep the Clubhouse running.

Jessie loves Capital Clubhouse, as it allows her to participate in a variety of activities while working together with staff as an equal. She can practice her interpersonal skills while at Clubhouse, which helps improve her confidence.

Capital Clubhouse is part of the CFC, and their CFC code is #47097 .

Photo Description:
Various pictures are shown of members doing tasks, such as sweeping and mopping the kitchen, calling other members, creating social media posts, cooking lunch, socializing, serving food, and leading our morning unit meeting.

Audio Transcription:
Music Playing “Random Acts of Kindness”
Jon’s Testimony: “Things I like about Clubhouse;

I like the somewhat structured social hour that gives us ways to learn about each other's backgrounds. We work side by side with each other, and with staff, on a variety of tasks, such as administrative tasks, social media, or advocacy work. The member to staff balance is such that there is enough for everybody to do.
The number of tasks that we do during the day allows us to go home feeling like we have done something to keep the clubhouse running, and gives us a sense of ownership.”

Jessie’s Testimony:
“I love Capital Clubhouse as I can take turns leading a meeting, or work together with staff as an equal. This way, I get practice with my interpersonal skills. This helps with my confidence”