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Summary: This video is, in short, the story of how Bergin became the University it is. It briefly
explains what we look for in a service dog and how our facility dogs benefit the lives of children
in a school setting. This video includes our President and Founder, Bonita Bergin, a facility dog
handler, and Bergin University employee.
Bonita Bergin: “So at Canine Companions for Independence, I had a lot of people coming and
asking me how to train service dogs.”
Bonita Bergin: “I felt really drawn to wanting to get more service dogs out then we were able to
do so I had to make a decision and I left it to actually found the school to teach people how to
do it.”
Bergin Employee: “So well, our goal here at Bergin is to place dogs with individuals who have
mobility challenges or Veterans of post-traumatic stress disorder, on occasion the traits of the
dogs that we train here match better in a different environment.”
Facility Dog Handler Heidi Adler ACE School Clinical Director: “We have all said that Larry is the greatest staff member of the newest and
greatest staff member at ACE. If Larry is not on campus it's not a good day for some kids
because he's not here.”
Facility Dog Handler: “We have one student that everyone knows when he walks up the steps
they have to back away because he wants Larry and Larry loves him and it's adorable and it just
brightens everyone's day just watching the two of them together every morning. It's awesome.”