Be A Global Champion

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Global Impact

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[Upbeat music plays]
Text on screen reads: You are the kind of person who celebrates differences
Image: people cheering
Text: you put yourself in others’ shoes
Image: woman walking with a jerry can on her head
Text: you care about your community
Image: disaster relief crew cleaning
Text: and communities around the world
Image: children smiling
Text: you are deeply passionate about ending inequalities
Image: a mother holding her child
Text: you see the challenges
Image: men on a boat delivering food supplies wearing masks
Text: and the opportunities that lie ahead
Image: a health care worker handing a newborn to their mother
Text: if this sounds like you…
Image: a girl smiling
Text: it’s time to take action
Image: students riding their bikes
Text: Be a Global Champion
Image: students jumping and cheering
Text: give to Global Impact and our Charity Alliance
Image: charity logos of Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, CARE, Heifer International and UNICEF USA
Text: Change the World. Give Global.
Image: Global Impact logo, reading visit
List of photo credits appear, music fades